Looking for profitable business ideas in Colombia? Are you tired of being an employee working 9 to 5 and you are thinking of starting a business.

They are people that have the money and are tired of working for somebody but have no idea on which business to venture into. If you reside in Colombia or abroad, but you were born in Colombia and you want to start up a business in your own state, I have made it easy for you.

I have done my research and will be giving you in details, business ideas in Colombia that can give you a good return on investment of your capital within 2-3 years of operation.

If you have been thinking of starting a business, this year is the best for you because the more you procrastinate, you delay your vision of becoming an entrepreneur.

Here are 7 best businesses to start in Colombia that I will like to share with you:

Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Colombia

1. Tech Implementation Consultancy

Are you that versatile in tech? Do you know that you can start a tech consulting firm in Colombia and start earning good amount of money?

What you need to do is build up a team of tech experts that can assist you in the business. Approach large and small companies that needs the services of tech experts to work on their software or computers and you will start getting contracts.

A tech consultation service that help businesses implement and operate their technology solutions is in high demand in Colombia.

2. Boutique Business

The clothing business is always a good idea if you are thinking of starting a profitable business. There is nowhere in the world that the clothing business is not a boom. You and I wear clothes and want to always look good with good shoes and accessories, and sometimes you do your shopping every month.

You just need to look for a good location where you can rent a store and start buying good clothes, shoes, wrist-watches and everything that is been sold in boutique. One good thing about the boutique business is that, you always make sales daily.

3. Real Estate Agency

People need to relocate and look for good home. this is where real estate agent comes in play. Do you know this is a big business in Colombia? I have a friend in Colombia making not less than $10,000 from commission in a month.

An aspiring entrepreneur that want to start this business must first go and meet with people already in this business to learn the nitty-gritty about the business so you won’t end up a failure.

Your main work is just to link home owners to renters and get your commission for doing that. In some cases, you get up to 30% of the transaction.

4. Content Marketing Agency

Do you consider yourself a writer? Can you write words that can get people to take action? Then, you can launch a content marketing agency where you help brands sell their products and services using content that convert.

There are many brands in Colombia looking for ways they can create large community around their products and services. You just have to prove to them that you are the best pick for the gig.

Create a website, get a good social media present and start marketing yourself to small and big brands showing them your portfolio. Companies will gladly pay big time for someone who can write clean copy, whether it’s for advertisements, websites or blogs.

This business idea can be your breakthrough. Why don’t give it a try!

5. Home Healthcare Services

Are you a retired medical person and still have passion for what you do? These days, people are living longer than ever. It might be wise to start a business that cater for older ones in Colombia.

You can choose to offer home healthcare services for patient that may not have the strength to go to the hospital or can’t offer been admitted in the ward.

6. Social Media Consulting

You can start this as a part-time business until you can raise it to the extent that it can take you full-time. There are so many business offering social media consulting in Colombia. You can also dive into the industry and rake your own part of the money.

This business involves that you have broad understanding of the use of social media to win customers for your clients. You can focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media like Instagram and Pinterest is picking up though.

7. Fast Food Business

If you have ever dreamt of opening a restaurant, then Colombia is the best place to open such business. The people of Colombia don’t play with healthy good food.

You can make your fast food stand out among your competitors in respect to price, special recipe, good customer services with value added bonus that other fast food store don’t offer as part of lucrative business ideas in Colombia.