Are you interested in some lucrative business ideas in Cayman Islands? Cayman Islands boast of a business climate where direct taxation is not in operation.

Hence businesses and individuals are able to save more funds and plough such back into their business. The Island also has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region.

Cayman island serves as the premier destination for many global financial institutions with banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Goldman Sachs having either their international headquarters or a branch operating on the Island.

You can pursue the following profitable business ideas in Cayman Islands, which can turn into very profitable ventures:

Thriving Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Cayman Islands

Tourism Agency

The Cayman Islands is a haven for tourists. It boasts of a number of amazing locations that attract millions of visitors every year. So much so that revenues generated from tourism forms close to 75 percent of the GDP of Cayman Islands annually.

One of the major attractions in the Cayman Islands is the Seven Mile beach, which houses a good number of hotels and resorts for tourists. It also features long stretches of beach bank and clear blue waters. Cayman Islands also boast of a number of historical and landmark sites such as the Saint James Castle, Sister Islands.

You can utilize this opportunity to set up a tourism consultancy to organize activities and leisure excursions in the Cayman Islands. You could put together visits to the clear waters of the Islands where tourists can go scuba diving or snorkeling. A particularly fun activity is swimming with sting rays. You will need to procure boats and engage the services of experienced divers and lifeguards.

In addition, you can also proffer hotel booking and reservation services, render foreign exchange transactions, history and Geography lessons as well as other demands that may arise with dealing with tourists.

Financial Consultancy Services

Cayman Islands conduct hundreds of thousands of both local and international financial transactions. The island runs one of the most business friendly tax regimes in the world.

You can key into this financial value chain by offering financial advisory services. It presupposes that you already have or are willing to undergo financial training.

Your consultancy can be set-up in a two-pronged manner: (a) you can render consultancy services to international businesses/investors looking to tap into the local economy and/or (b) you can offer financial advisory services to Cayman Island citizens who may want to take advantage of newer opportunities in the economy.

Recruitment Agency

The latest World Bank statistics puts the population of the Cayman Islands at over 500,000 people. As a result, there is a dearth of a substantial number of both skilled and unskilled labour.

You can establish a job placement and recruitment agency to feel this labor gap. You can help immigrants from around the world come in to work in the Cayman Islands; provided they obtain all required documentation and visas.

You can take advantage of the flexible but firm immigration policies of the government to ensure that your business is able to make a profit from your transactions.


Cayman Islands is home to a large number of expatriates, in addition to the millions of tourist who visit each year. Such large gatherings mean that there are opportunities to serve huge amounts of meals daily. The demand for the local cuisine as well as intercontinental dishes is on the rise in the Cayman Islands.

You can cash in on this opportunity to set up a restaurant. You will need to secure an accessible location as well as engage competent chefs/backroom staff that will help you with the smooth running of the restaurant.

In addition, you will have to adhere to the health safety and regulatory standards imposed by authorities on the Island.


Cayman Island imports almost 90 percent of her food needs. This situation serves as a drain on her foreign exchange earnings from tourism. In order to stem the tide, the authorities in Cayman Island have begun to implement policies and programs aimed at boosting the production of food crops in the country.

You can venture into the agricultural value chain by establishing a farm. The tropical nature of the island supports crops suited for that climate. Your business will receive support from local agricultural boards in the form of improved seedlings and courses on effective planting methods.

You will need to acquire adequate land, the necessary equipment and machinery as well as competent hands to help with running the farm smoothly. You can rest assured that your business will not only serve the domestic market but you will also be servicing the export market.

Import or Wholesaling

A good slice of the Caymanian economy is import dependent. This means that you can set up a business to cater to the import demands of the country.

A first step could see you establishing yourself as a representative of the various products imported into the country.

You will also need to obtain all relevant permits and licenses to run your venture.

You must also strive to possess a suitable warehousing to keep the commodities you import, until they are ready for distribution. You must seriously take into consideration, the engagement of competent staff as you invest in these business ideas in Cayman Islands.