Are you interested in profitable business ideas in Bahamas? “I am going to the Bahamas for my honeymoon!”. That was what my uncle said to me immediately after his wedding last year.

While I was still wondering why of all the places he could have gone to for his honeymoon, he would chose Bahamas, he asked me what he could get for me when he was returning.

As an entrepreneur, I told him to get me good business ideas in Bahamas that would thrive successfully. I considered the fact that since he had chosen a place like that, there had to be a special reason. When he came back, there was so much to tell. He just could not keep shut about Bahamas and of course the business ideas in Bahamas.

Bahamas, a state having more than 700 islands, cays and islets is located southeast of Florida and has its capital as Nassau. Bahamas is one great place to start a business because it is one of the richest countries in the Americas. It relies on tourism for most of its economic activity.

Tourism is followed by banking and international financial services. Another large sector of Bahamas’ economy is agriculture.

Hence, if you live in Bahamas, or intend relocating there, according to my uncle here are some business ideas in Bahamas that are sure to thrive and fetch you great money.

List of Viable Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Bahamas

Hotel, Resorts or Bed and Breakfast (B & B)

This just has to be the first business idea in Bahamas that would come across the mind of every entrepreneur in Bahamas. No matter the town or city you find yourself, opening up an hotel or a bed and breakfast is always a good business idea because people visit day in, day out.

In a country like Bahamas, where so many people troop in day in day out all year round, people are always in need of either an hotel, a resort, or a bed and breakfast. Hence, opening up an hotel, guest house, or a bed and breakfast is a great business idea in Bahamas. You do not have to start with something massive, like a five-star hotel, you could start with something small.

I know of a guy who before building and opening his five-star hotel, was renting his spare rooms out to people as an hotel in his apartment. Despite the fact that there are probably lots of hotels in Bahamas, it is still one business idea you can venture into and make cool cash.

Tourist Company

When my uncle was telling me about the wonderful places he visited, the question I asked was, how did he get to know about these places? He told me he had help from a tourist guide company. Becoming a tourist guide or opening a company that provides tourist guides is another great business idea in Bahamas.

Hence if you are a local resident, or you visit Bahamas often then becoming a tourist guide or starting your own company that provides tourist guides for tourists is a great business idea you could venture into in Bahamas.

You could take this business idea to the next level by providing tourist guide who would stay with or at least close to tourists and would always be at their beck and call till the end of their stay.

Car Rental

Another business idea sure to thrive in Bahamas is setting up a car rental business. Tourists who troop into town daily would definitely want to be mobile, and every minute, they are either in need of a cab or other means of transport.

Hence, opening up a car rental company is one business idea in Bahamas that would succeed. Your car rental company could also have an option of providing drivers that comes along with the cars for customers who would probably not be comfortable driving themselves around town.

Dance and Exercise Studio

Shifting away from business ideas in Bahamas relating to tourism, another great business idea in Bahamas is opening up a dance or/and an exercise studio.

Are you good at dancing? Do you love to dance? Can you help people in keeping fit by exercising?

Then, this business idea in Bahamas is just right for you. You could offer to teach people who would want to learn how to dance, as well as having a gym where people come to exercise.

Housekeeping Services

Another wonderful business idea in Bahamas is housekeeping services. Think about all the hotels in Bahamas, think about the resorts, think about all the tourist centers and attraction sites people visit every day.

The services of housekeeping would always be in high demand. Hence, setting up a company that provides housekeeping services to residents, hotels resorts, bars and the likes in Bahamas is one great business idea in Bahamas that is sure to thrive.