Background Screeners of America Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

BACKGROUND SCREENERS OF AMERICA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The Background Screeners of America franchise is a franchise opportunity that specializes on the provision of background screening for individuals, businesses and organizations. The mode of business transaction is online based.

All Background Screeners franchisees carry out background checks for these businesses, individuals and organizations. The franchisors corporate headquarters is located in Tarzana, California.

The skills required for operating a background screening franchise are taught to all new franchisees to enable them to successfully run their franchises.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Benefit

A unique benefit Background Screeners of America enjoy is the virtual work environment it provides. With added benefits of flexibility on either working full time or part time, a Background Screeners of America Franchise is able to choose his/her working terms while working from any location as long as there’s an internet connection and a computer.

There are unique marketing techniques available to its franchisees that attract business to them. This is through an effective referral system put in place by the franchisor in addition to an account introduction program that ensures that all its franchisees are given the necessary marketing exposure.

It also enables the franchisor choose his/her work conditions, that is, either to meet face-to-face with clients, receive phone calls, or the use of the internet through the exchange of mails or even organizing virtual meetings. Whatever the case may be, the franchisee has the freedom to choose his/her method of communication to his/her clients.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Startup Cost

The startup cost required for the ownership of a Background Screeners of America franchise is $19,950. There is also the liquid cash requirement which is part of the startup cost. This is in the sum of $26,000. The Background Screeners of America franchise Initial Investment sum starts from $20,000 to $25,000.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Fee

The franchise fee for a Background of America Franchise is currently unavailable on its website. However, this franchise opportunity is available for investors. When applying for this franchise, inquiries concerning the franchise fee will be appropriately clarified by the franchisor.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Income

The income potential for the Background Screeners of America franchise is impressive, as franchisees have the flexibility of time and location. However, realisable income depends significantly on the effort put to work by the franchisee.

Committing more time and effort to ensuring that clients are adequately satisfied is crucial to the level of income realised.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Revenue

Compared to the startup costs incurred by the franchisee, the revenue realised by Background Screeners franchisees is high. This is because costs for renting an office space and buying equipment are eliminated.

The franchisee has the freedom to work from wherever he/she chooses to, with no negative impact on the business or on client satisfaction.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Expenses (Salary)

This franchise opportunity is tailored in such a way that its franchisees do not have to worry paying wage bills. Because it is a virtual workplace, it saves money that would have been spent on salaries.

Background Screeners of America Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

The background Screeners of America franchise terms of agreement and renewal are not disclosed. For full disclosure and other details regarding this, request must be made by the franchise candidate with specific reference to the terms of agreement/renewal. Full disclosure is made to the prospective franchisee.

Background Screeners of America Training and Support

The training and support provided by the Background Screeners of America franchise is aimed at ensuring that all its franchisees gain the required expertise needed to effectively run their franchises. This is provided through the provision of manuals that provided detailed guidance on the essentials required such as the ways of attracting new clients, and marketing.

Training is conducted via live teleconferencing, providing the much needed knowledge required for succeeding in the franchise. A team of well experienced and dedicated Background Screeners of America staff attend to the franchisee, providing all the needed knowledge required for success.

There is also an ongoing support and assistance provided by the franchisor even after the franchisees business has been established. New innovations within the industry plus new business opportunities are continually passed across to all Background Screeners franchisees through refresher courses to ensure that their profitability reaches impressive levels, thereby creating a win-win situation for both the franchisor and franchisee.


In the event that clients have complaints, there is a path of communication it must go through. First, the franchisee, who is the franchisor’s consultant, will handle such using the knowledge gained from the training provided by the franchisor. If the complaints are beyond the solution of the franchisee, the franchisor assists the franchisor is solving this problem through a robust support network.

How to Start

To own a Background Screeners of America franchise, visit their website,  the franchisor makes available all the required information needed to help the prospective franchisor make informed investment choices. There is an easy applications process which is provided through phone numbers restricted to only calls within the United States.

During the call, the franchise candidate is guided through the application process without stress.

Another option is clicking on the “contact us” button, where you will be redirected to an application page for easy communication with the franchisor.