Avalar Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

AVALAR REAL ESTATE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have found love for AVALAR franchise and you are looking for information about them, then keep reading this post to the end as I feed you with their latest updates. As an entrepreneur, it is very crucial you know everything about a business before jumping into the opportunity.

I bring to you in this post, the latest update you need to know about AVALAR franchise (AVALAR Real Estate and Mortgage Network). If you have always loved doing business related to real estate, this is your chance to take action.

About AVALAR Franchise

AVALAR franchise was founded in 1991 with their corporate address in Las Vegas by Chuck Scoble. AVALAR business network was designed to benefits real estate and loan professionals.

AVALAR franchise offers cutting-edge opportunities in office advancement with their creative recruitment of top-delivering agents on matters relating to real estate and mortgage. AVALAR is a company striving to create agent driven network to empower its sales people. The company gives real estate professionals an opportunity to profit by getting extra income and be independent.

Today, sales people have more opportunities than ever to be independent, develop multiple streams of income, and become a professional in their niche of trade. AVALAR trademarked Path to Success® system makes it look easy for sales professional to develop their office by giving them what they want, which include: a support from the parent company, a plan for increased income and the freedom for them to run the business the way they want to run it.

Presently, AVALAR has 128 offices around the United State of America and they are also planning to increase it to 200 soonest by bucking traditional franchise approach. Franchisees of AVALAR franchise are not bound to only sponsor staff of AVALAR, they are free to sponsor independent brokers and agents wherever real estate or home loan is involved.

Today, AVALAR is experiencing rapid growth and it is expanding to market nationwide. This AVALAR franchise opportunities are for people looking for success at an early stage of business.

Why AVALAR Franchise?

As a franchisee of AVALAR franchise, you have access to their outstanding programs, supports and tools to develop your business while running it as you deem it fit. Other benefits include:

  • Residual Income Potential.
  • Marketing Support.
  • Outstanding Referral Program
  • Broker Support Services.
  • Retirement Strategy.
  • Preferred Partnerships with Industry Leading Vendors.
  • Bi-monthly Revenue Sharing.

These and more are the benefits you will get as a franchisee with AVALAR franchise.

AVALAR Franchise Financial Requirements and Franchise Fee

As a franchisee interested in AVALAR franchise, you are required a net-worth of $250,000$500,000. The startup investment for AVALAR franchise is between $53,400-$330,900. Their franchise fee still remains $15,000. You are requested to pay an ongoing royalty fee of 5% and you should have a liquid cash of $50,000$100,000.

AVALAR Franchise Terms of Agreement

The terms of agreement of AVALAR franchise is 5 years before a renewal of your franchising fees with the company will be needed.

AVALAR Franchise Training and Support

Once a franchise is purchased, AVALAR franchise will schedule a training program with franchisee at the headquarter in Las Vegas. The training is for the franchisee and their administrative staff on policies and procedures as an AVALAR franchise.

This training is available for 6 weeks. Franchisees and their administrative staff will be feed with every information regarding recruiting, marketing, training, vendor partnerships etc. There will also be an ongoing monthly broker training for 1-2 days.

AVALAR franchise provides ongoing supports through newsletter, conferences, courses, internet, skill sessions, seminars for brokers, owners and employees throughout the year.

AVALAR Franchise Financing Options/Supports

As at the time of writing this post, there is no information regarding any financial support rendered by AVALAR franchise or any third party source to sponsor franchisees.

Qualification and Business Experience for AVALAR Franchise

As a franchisee with AVALAR franchise, you need to have general business experience, good marketing skills and industry experience too. These are the kind of people AVALAR franchise is looking for.

How Much Money Does a AVALAR Real Estate and Mortgage Network Franchise Owner Makes?

Your potential income as a franchisee of AVALAR franchise vastly depends on many factors. Such factors include the state you live in, labor cost, your business experience in managing business and people, lease rates, and many other factors.

As an entrepreneur, the only way profit can be made in business is by increasing sales while lowering operational cost.

AVALAR Franchise One Year Guarantee Offer

Do you know that AVALAR gives their franchisee a one-year money back guarantee? Brokers and owners of AVALAR Franchise are given the opportunity to get their money back from the first month they join the program if for any reason they are not satisfied with what they are getting. This put you on a safer side right?

An unsatisfied franchisee can just notify AVALAR representative/franchisor on the ground to discontinue the program with reasons and the agreement will be rescinded and the franchisee will get back 90% of his or her initial franchisee fee with no further questions.

This is one way AVALAR franchise let franchisees know that they love them and want them to be happy.