ATC Healthcare Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

ATC HEALTHCARE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

In a world where good health status is often being given primary concern, ATC Healthcare operates to offer such brilliant service to their clients. ATC Healthcare primary aim is “patient care” and the “Improvising of best technological tools” available to drive an efficient service. More to it, Franchisee who are interested in becoming part of the firm are being fully supported by helping in solving common issues.


About ATC Healthcare Franchise
ATC healthcare franchise was first established in the year 1982. Having its headquarters at 1983 Marcus Avenue, Suite E122 Lake Success, New York 11042 U.S.A, the company began franchising year 1994, owning 37 Franchised Units and a total number of 41 units.

ATC healthcare’s 67 offices are located in 26 states and are involved in supplying varieties of medical personnel which is not limited to hospitals, mental health facilities and nursing homes but has its extension to physician practice management groups, managed health care facilities, schools, in-home patients, and community health centers.

Throughout the United States, ATC Healthcare franchise offers temporary staffs to health care facilities and private patient. ATC healthcare services staffed its company with health care professionals who are either registered, certified and those with various specialties.

Clients who patronize them own access to allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, physical therapists and radiology technicians. There are other administrative services provided by ATC healthcare which includes medical records clerks, personal claim processors and collection.

Another interesting service provided by ATC Healthcare franchise is the program called “ACT Travelers” which allows Company’s Nurse to travel across the Nation to provide long-term care.

When it comes to how a firm is being staffed, ATC healthcare franchise service is a Nationwide leader. They are interested in willing and motivated entrepreneurs who would want to partner with them in a bit to expand products and services in local areas.

It is noteworthy again that the design built for these individuals will allow them avoid the pitfalls often experienced by many startups. The close concept is a focus on what is really more important which is recruiting more staffs and relationship development which will result into more profits.

ATC logically beliefs that local owners are and will be determined to achieve success and they have got what it takes to solidly back up Franchisee. Therefore, Franchisee can have the support of a National Company supporting the market expertise of local businesses.

However, you might ask, ‘what are the financial implication of being a partner, what are the company’s terms and agreement and also the income to be gained and most importantly how to start ACT healthcare franchise?’ Trustworthy answers are provided below.

The Financial Requirements to Start an ATC Healthcare Franchise
Initial Investment: The initial investment required by ATC Healthcare Franchise range between $55,000-$75,000.

ATC Healthcare Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for enrollment is $29,500 with no ongoing fee like Royalty fee.

How Much Income is Expected to be Made by A Franchisee at ACT Healthcare Franchise?
Undoubtedly, locations and size of the firm is a major factor that will dictate how much profit will be made. More so, your primary goal is not even the profit margin, although very important, but your utmost concern is delivering a quality service alongside a good sale streams.

Most Franchisee covers most of their initial operation cost like furniture, signage and renovation despite having a fixed startup cost.

ACT Healthcare Training and Support
It is generally understood that franchising is all about support, ACT heathcare services training program gives extensive up-front training and a continual support. Being a corporate partner they are available every step a franchisee takes.

The ACT Healthcare Training is categorized into two phase:

Phase One:

  • New Owner Training

In this phase, the training starts the same day the franchise agreement is signed. Thereafter, it is followed by a per-training and telephone training covering administrative and marketing tools and industry background. This will transit into a full classroom training which will be held at the headquarters in Lake success.

The training will end with an on-site training which will cover local market knowledge and a visit will then be made to your local marketing area to be completed with establishing a 90-day action plan.

Phase Two:

  • Post Training

Training featuring an ongoing support will follow the initial training. these includes:

  • Weekly operational calls
  • A bi-weekly calls involving discussion on business tactics which other franchisee are allowed in.
  • Also there will always be annual National conference.

ACT Healthcare Franchise Terms and Agreement
The Franchise agreement will last a period of 10 years with an opportunity to re-new for another 10 years.

How to Start ACT Healthcare Franchise
Kindly visit the ACT Healthcare franchise website Here. Click on the menu option and a list of information will be displayed. Click on program and support, this will bring you to a section where you can fill in your request.

ATC Healthcare franchise can also be contacted via (800) 444-4633 and through the mailing address