Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

ASSISTING HANDS HOME CARE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

When extensive experience is part of the motivating factor for bringing up a business enterprise especially one dealing with caregiving, the business is set on a successful track and will maintain high-quality services. This is what Dr. Silverstein the Co-Founder and owner of Assisting Hands has. She has an aging father whom she cares for at home, with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry.


About Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise

Assisting hands was established in the year 2006 with its headquarters at Arizona. The franchising business began the following year, 2007. The Firm has 75 Franchised Units with one unit outside the U.S. The company boasts of owning 2 Units.

Franchising offers are available in North America and South America. Assisting Hands has three basic expansion methods namely, Master Expansion, Area Development and Unit Development.


Few of Assisting Hands services include:

  • Medical Administration.
  • Post-surgical care.
  • Physical Therapy.
  • Preparation of meal, bathing, grooming, and housekeeping.
  • Video Monitoring System.

The focus of this firm is, offering comprehensive services involving non-medical companionship, full care management, and skilled nursing- these bridges the gap between a healthy living at home and the desire for an institutionalized Medicare.


Assisting Hands Home Care franchise carved their operation around granting quality help to those with little or limited abilities to stay at home and live with dignity. The disabled, seniors and people who need assistance in their daily activities; all place leading an independent life at top priority.

Assisting Hands is a trusted non- medical, in-home care franchise that delivers quality personalized help and care for these class of individuals.

Categories of these individuals want to live longer lifespan and this implies that there will be a yearning for ways in which aging quickly can be reduced. These needs have given rise to how Assisting hands services are being demanded.

Assisting Hands is every day expanding their coast and this requires more individuals to join the team. There are lots of benefits attached to partnering. Assisting Hands home care franchise opportunity is a great one for lovers of home-based services. Yet, it would be nice to get to know the cost (net worth required and the initial startup capital), how the training program looks like, the terms and agreement and most importantly, how to engage in the Franchise opportunity.

Let us gain insight into these questions by answering them with detailed information to enable Franchisee to make a good choice eventually.

How Much Does an Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise Cost?

If you are interested in Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise, the startup cost is between the range of $70,550 – $200,000. The average investment to be provided by the franchisee is $100,000.

The minimum net worth required of any interested entrepreneur is $200,000.

Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise Fee

The franchising fee required to start an Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise is $38,500.

Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise Royalty Fee

The royalty fees are weekly paid and fixed at a scale of 5% to 4%.

Note: As the Franchisees’ revenues increases, there comes a reduction in the royalty payment. This firm also offers discounts for those who are veterans and areas with multiple locations.

Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise Business Training Program

The program will allow you participate in a one-week intensive training where you will be trained by experts. The training concept includes the classroom and on-site instructions.

As earlier noted, the training is aimed at providing comprehensive detail concerning all aspect of running the Assisting Hands franchise business which covers, marketing and advertising, cash management, caregiver training, recruitment, billing and customer service.

The training program includes:

  • Pre-opening assistance
  • 40 hours of intensive initial training coupled with 20 hours of follow-up field training.
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Quarterly business review
  • Annual Company retreat

The training also features ongoing support from the Assisting Hands Training Support team. With that, many resources and effective tools are made available throughout the course of your franchise operation.

These involve, the support provided by the industry’s experts, regional marketing and development support, proprietary business systems, automated technologies for invoicing and payroll available with a 24/7 customer support.

Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal

Assisting Hands has the length of their franchise term to be 10years, after which there is an opportunity to renew for just one decade again.

Assisting Hands Home Care Franchise Obligations and Restrictions

The franchisee is expected to participate fully in the operation of the franchise and must be devoted to giving more time reasonably for an efficient operation.

How to Start an Assistant Hands Home Care Franchise?

No doubt you have had an extensive overview of what Assisting Hands home care franchise. Willing to join the team? Login to the Assisting Hands home care Website Here. Then click at the top right to display a drop-down list, there you will see “franchise opportunities”, click on it.

A chat box will be displayed where you will be asked what your interest is, specifically. Click on “Buy a Franchise”. After that, you will be asked which city/market you are interested in opening a Franchise

After your reply, you will be giving a link to follow where you will complete the whole process.