AMPM Mini Market Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

ARCO AMPM MINI MARKET Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The AMPM Mini Market franchise is a unique franchise opportunity that is anchored under a franchisor having two fronts, each operating in different locations. These are PB Products North America Inc. (PBPNA) heading its business operations in the East Coast and the BP West Coast Products LLC (BPWCP) which oversees its operations in the West Coast of the United States.

With its hallmark symbol “ampm” the ampm mini market franchise specializes in services that include fast food services plus retail convenience stores including a mini-market offering and gas stations.

This franchise opportunity offers interested franchise candidates the perfect opportunity of benefitting from a national brand with deep penetration, and a strong brand name with years of the reputation built through diligence in service and winning the trust of its clients and franchisees alike.

Founded in 1975, the Ampm mini-market franchise opened its franchising arm for investments four years later in 1979. Both the PB Products North America Inc. (BPPNA) and the BP West Coast Products LLC (BPWCP) are subsidiaries of BP.

With its corporate headquarters located in La Palma, California, the Ampm franchise has PB West Coast Products LLC as its parent company. Its current CEO is Jeff Burrell.

The Benefits of Owning an AMPM Mini Market Franchise

The immense possibilities that come with owning an Ampm mini-market franchise have continually attracted more investors to the franchise model. Some of the benefits that accrue to its franchisees include its more than 25 years in existence and the huge impact it has made on the lives of both its clients and franchisees, it’s world-class advertising, and marketing strategies have won both recognition and awards.

Other benefits of owning an Ampm mini-market franchise includes a series of update programs held to update its franchisees on current industry trends and innovations, resulting in increased productivity and growth. All its franchisees benefit from a robust support system that ensures that they are not left stranded at any point during the duration of their contract term.

With its track record, the Ampm mini-market franchise has set a standard that has won the confidence of clients, which automatically rubs off on the franchisee.

The AMPM Mini Market Franchise Startup Cost

The AMPM franchise has certain startup costs which must be incurred by all its franchisees. These startup costs are a necessity for qualifying for ownership. The Ampm mini-market franchise startup costs include an Initial Investment sum starting from $400,509 to $7,807,883, and a Liquid Cash requirement which ranges from $800,000 to $1,200,000.

AMPM Mini Market Franchise Fee

The Ampm mini-market franchise has a franchise fee requirement which starts from $35,000 to $70,000. However, under its financing options, provided under the franchisor’s veteran incentives program, veterans benefit from a huge 50% discount off the franchise fees. This is the franchisor’s way of appreciating the veterans for their services to their country.

AMPM Mini Market Franchise Ongoing Costs

The Ampm mini-market franchise charges its franchisees’ certain ongoing costs that they (franchisees) are required to pay. These ongoing costs consist of the following; an ongoing royalty fee of 5%, and an advert royalty fee of 1.75 to 5%.

The number of ongoing fees to be paid by the franchisee to the franchisor varies according to the franchise size. Bigger sized franchises attract higher ongoing costs compared to the smaller sized Ampm mini-market franchises that typically attract lesser ongoing costs.

AMPM Mini Market Franchise Training and Support

The Ampm mini-market franchise organizes quality training sessions that are aimed at adequately training the franchisor on the needed skills required to operate this franchise opportunity. This training is mandatory for all its new franchisees and their managers. The training sessions typically last 10 days of on-site training.

Other added training sessions include hands-on training to ensure that all its franchisees benefit from a direct on-the-job training for better and faster assimilation rate. There are also in-class training sessions where the theoretical aspects of owning and operating an Ampm mini-market franchise are provided.

Support covers both ongoing and marketing support. For the ongoing support, it covers critical areas such as the organization of a grand opening ceremony, field operations, and also purchasing cooperatives. Under its marketing support, areas such as the placement of adverts in the regional media are covered including the use of cooperative advertising.

AMPM Mini Market Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

Under Ampm mini market franchise’s terms of agreement/renewal, the contract term lasts 20 years only if the franchisee leases the premises from a source outside BP. However, if the franchisee leases the business premises from BP itself, the contract term lasts 10 years.

This also applies to the renewal of the franchise. If the franchisee leases the premises from an outside source, then the renewal period lasts a term of 20 years. This also applies to the franchisee who leases his/her premises from the franchisor. in this case, the franchise term lasts 10 years.

How to Start an AMPM Mini Market Franchise?

To own an AMPM Mini Market Franchise, an indication of interest needs to be made. Simply visit the website of the franchisor on and click on the “select region” button.

Depending on the region where the franchisee is located, the franchisor directs the franchisee on where to apply. On the next page that opens, there is an online application form that the franchisor is expected to carefully fill with personal details. A representative contacts him/her for further investment decisions leading to the eventual ownership of the franchise opportunity.

This article has provided the needed details necessary for making informed investment decisions. It is believed that the entrepreneur is better placed using the contents of this article to invest wisely. It is however advised that the franchisor’s website should be visited to check for any updates to the information provided.