All American Pet Resorts Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

ALL AMERICAN PET RESORTS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

All American Pet Resorts is a pet care company that provides variety of needs for pets all over the country. Thanks to their excellent service delivery, massive success has been recorded since inception of the company.

With over $6.2 billion spent by Americans yearly on pet grooming, All American Pet Resorts is sure to continue recording high profits and expansion. They offer franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs and if you want to be a part of it, read further to get information on the company system of business, the financial requirements, the terms of agreement and other necessary details.

About All American Pet Resorts Franchise
This company was established in the year 1983 after the founders noticed that pets were lacking proper love and care, not because their owners were cruel, but because they did not have the time to pamper them as they deserve. Even when they make out time for their pets, most of these owners do not know how to properly raise, care for and sometimes tame a pet.

Services provided by All American Pet Resorts include boarding, grooming of dogs, and pet day care. The company has experts in animal care who take charge of nurturing a pet for the entire duration of his stay in their custody.

All American Pet Resorts has standard facilities with enough space for pets to play. They are well lit and suitably decorated for animals to feel at home, with features that filter out disruptive noises so the pets do not feel endangered. The animals are not all packed in one place, they are separated by size and temperament to prevent conflict among them. There are webcams installed in every corner of the facility and they are available 24/7 so that the owners can check on their pets and relate with them any time they feel like.

As more and more people are owning pets for reasons such as companionship and security, the pet care industry will experience even more expansion and All American Pet Resorts, being a leader in the industry is sure to make huge profits and open more branches all over the world.

All American Pet Resorts is offering franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs and as a business person with an eye for a lucrative venture, you definitely would want to buy and operate one.

Though it is not compulsory for you to have any business ownership experience before having a franchise with All American Pet Resorts, being a lover of animals, having good communication skills, being naturally service oriented, and good leadership skills will be an added advantage.

How much does an All American Pet Resorts Franchise Cost?
Running an All American Pet Resorts franchise will cost you the sum of $300,000 minimum, along with other financial requirements.

All American Pet Resorts Franchise Fee
You will be required to pay an initial franchise fee of $50,000. This one time payment will give you the right to use the company’s trademark and brand name anywhere in the world. All American Pet Resorts franchise gives a 10% off franchise fee for all qualified veterans.

All American Pet Resorts Franchise Startup Cost
Starting this business will cost you an initial capital ranging from $300,000 to $1,200,000. So you have to be financially prepared to run this business successfully.

You must also have a net worth of at least $500,000 to qualify.

All American Pet Resorts Franchise Training and Support
At All American Pet Resorts franchise, they are aware that the success of a franchisee adds to the overall success of the company. That is why they have taken time and money to prepare an outstanding training and support system for all their franchisees. Here is what they have in store for you;

  • There is a two months extensive training for you and your staff before you launch your business
  • Subsequently, there will be additional formal training every year to keep you polished
  • You will have protected territory
  • Support lines which are open 24/7 will be available to you
  • You be given business manuals which will be updated periodically to meet trend and technology
  • All American Pet Resorts franchise will help you design your facility
  • You will be connected to the best manufacturers of the equipment you need to run your business
  • You will be assisted with quality control

All American Pet Resorts Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
There will be an initial 10 year agreement which can be renewed on expiration. Renewal will have a 5 year validity.

How much does an All American Pet Resorts Franchisee Make?
This information is not explicitly published, refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). However, your profits depend on demographics, pricing, location and your ability to follow the business model given to you.

How to Open an All American Pet Resorts Franchise
To begin, visit the company’s official website and fill the form, then wait for a response from the company.

All American Pet Resorts franchise is headquartered at 3601 Whippoorwill Boulevard, Punta Gorda.