All About People Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

ALL ABOUT PEOPLE STAFFING Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you considering buying a franchise, and have been thinking about becoming an All About People’s franchisee? Well, keep reading, and in this article, you will get exposed to all of the available franchise information regarding the All About People franchise.

In this article, I will share with you a general overview about All About People, as well as make you aware of the other details such as how much it costs to own an All About People franchise, how much franchise fee the franchisor demands, how much total investment budget is required, the available benefits in training and support that await you as a franchisee, what the terms of agreement and renewal are, as well as how to get started about the sign-up process.

About All About People Franchise

All About People is a professional business that particularly recruits staff. The business was founded in 2002, and since then they have been concerned with helping people to achieve their quest of locating their power, as well as assisting them to make their careers and their lives pleasant.

All About People is one business in the staffing and recruiting industry that has done well for itself since its inception in 2002. The company has proven that a lot more is required above pure desire and commitment, and business experience, to be able to make a cut in the industry. This is quite evident in the manner in which they have been providing their services to customers since the inception of the business.

They have shown that with state-of-the art systems, the right team of professionals, and a proven business process, the staffing and recruiting business can be won. Their ever stable commitment towards helping others to meet their needs, as well as their unique business culture is exceptional in the industry.

All About People focuses on all areas of the staffing and recruiting business; from a contract, temporary, contract to hire, temporary to hire, to permanent placement. One of the key persons in the business is Charles Mitchell, who is the co-founder and Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of All About People.

All About People is really true to its name. The business places special importance on helping people, and their franchisees also are not left out. In fact, they give special attention to their franchisees, since they consider their franchisees’ success as their own success.

As a franchisee, you will be provided with lots of assistance in the course of running your business. However, you will be solely responsible for seeking for, and recruiting qualified employees that especially fit the culture of the All About People franchise. As a franchisee, the franchisor does not guarantee you the amount of sales revenue you are likely to make in a year.

A lot will depend on varying factors such as location, your attitude and commitment to the franchise culture and philosophy, and a whole lot of other things. But, you can bear in mind that All About People’s franchisees can make as high as $750,000 net income on a yearly basis.

How much does an All About People Franchise Cost?

An All About People franchise would cost you a minimum liquid investment capital of $150,000.

All About People Franchise Fee

All About People requires from prospective franchisees an initial franchise fee of $49,000 as part of the financial requirements in alignment with their terms of the agreement.

All About People Franchise Startup Cost

The total investment sum that would be required before you can venture into starting an All About People franchise ranges from $269,500$295,050.

All About People Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

As an All About People franchisee, there are several benefits that await you immediately after sign-up. The following are some of the ways you will benefit from the training and supports that All About People will provide you:

  • Immediately after sign-up, you will start benefitting from the franchisor’s training programme specially designed for their franchisees. The training programme will be an intensive one-week training at the company’s headquarters at Phoenix, Arizona, United States, and it will expose new franchisees to the various aspects of the business, especially how to handle clients.
  • You will be provided with the necessary tools and resources to help you run your business successfully.
  • Initial and ongoing support will be provided to you as a franchisee in every aspect of the business.
  • The marketing aspect of your business will be covered. The franchisor does well to provide assistance in terms of promoting the brand.

All About People Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal

The initial term of the agreement offered by All About People franchise lasts for a period of twenty (20) years and can be renewed for two times, for a ten (10) year period each.

How to Start an All About People Franchise?

Once you have made your interest known to become one of All About People franchisees, and have thoroughly considered the above requirements, then you can quickly make a head start to visiting their website at to contact them for more inquiries. Or you could simply place a phone call to their headquarters line at (866) 836-6786 for more details.