Have you ever thought of making money online being an affiliate marketer?

I am going to show you in this post how you can make money doing online affiliate marketing business.

Being an affiliate marketer gives you the opportunity to make money on commission of any product you sell using your affiliate links.

You can engage in low-cost affiliate marketing for Amazon or Facebook as a part-time or full-time business and it is also one good ways to supplement your income right from the comfort of your home.

The problem is that many people know about this affiliate marketing online business and know that it is a good way to make money online but they know how to go about it or how to start.

Business affiliate marketing is so easy if you’re grounded with the right information. It is just a way of making money by telling people to go and buy items online.

The good news is, you are not limited to a particular company, and you are free to promote any product that favors you in terms of commission.

Commission ranges from as low as 4% to up to 75% on some digital products. You can sign up as an affiliate marketer on places like Amazon, eBay, PC World and so many others.

Simplifying the process of affiliate marketing involves four processes;

• You find a product that you like and would like to promote.
• You sign up as an affiliate marketer for that product with their affiliate program.
• You are given a link that you use to promote the product and enable the merchant to track the sales through that link.
• If anyone buys a product through that link, you get a commission. That’s it!

Here is a sample business plan for starting an affiliate business.

1. Start a Blog

You have to start a blog in a niche that you like so that it will be easy for you to promote any products under the niche. Also, some companies will want to know your url so that they know whether your content is not damaging their brand.

Starting a blog or website help you dish out useful and informative content to your potential buyers.

You don’t have to be salesy to convince people to buy, you first add value to them by providing some useful content for their consumption. That’s how you build trust and a strong relationship.

2. Research on Affiliate Programs

After you have built a huge audience and have established a strong relationship with your audiences, you then go and search for profitable affiliate programs that will suit you. The best way to find new affiliate programs online is via search engines. Just type the brand name + affiliate programs with it.

You must make sure you choose an affiliate programs that offers products and services in the niche that your blog is centered on. This must be well documented in your affiliate marketing Business Plan.

A good place to start is Amazon, it sells anything you can think of. And I am very sure no matter the niche you choose, Amazon got you covered.

Clickbank is another great option for affiliate marketers because the commissions on company’s products are sometimes very high compare to others. You can check out Commission Junction, eBay, Dumbbells etc.

3. Join the Affiliate of your Choice

After you have research and found the best for you, you are free to join. There is no fee to join any product or email affiliate programs as far as I know, I have not heard of anyone that charges to join their affiliate programs.

You will be asked for your site link, your PayPal account not so they can charge you but so that your commission can be paid at once into your account after a successful sale.

After you have done that, select products that you will like to promote on your blog, I will advise you to choose products with good commission margin like from 5% and above. You are free to promote as many products that you like.

4. Add Affiliate Links into your Content

This is one great way to promote affiliate products and make money when your reader finds whatsoever you are promoting useful and click through the link to buy. You have to know how to do this very well so it won’t look as if you are just directly selling to your readers.

You can also add visual advert to your sidebar on your site, companies makes it possible for you to not only get a link to use for texts, but you also get to use banners to also promote affiliate products.

You don’t need any stress to do that, it is just a matter of copying and pasting a code.

5. Be Persistent and Dedicated

Continue posting useful content to your readers with links of affiliate products on them and measure your progress on sales using analytical tools like Google analytics to check how many people are clicking on your links.

Breaking into the six-figure mark as an affiliate marketer involves high marketing strategies. You need to take leverage of social media platforms like Facebook and run a Facebook advert. It has been proven that Facebook advert works very well, so it is a must if you really want to get serious with this business.

Join online communities on your niche and join the discussion while you cleverly drop links as a help not as selling to them. You can also run PPC advert to drive traffic to your site. This is how the big guys in the business do this, and they use any proven networks to drive traffic to their site.

Just imagine 200,000 people lands on a post that you are promoting affiliate products, if your content is well-written and can convince these readers, then at least you might get up to 70% that will click through your link to check out the products.

Out of that number, 30% will likely purchase the products you are promoting. One thing you should take note of when starting an affiliate marketing business is, observe those posts that have high page view and click through, those are the kind of content that your readers possibly like.

Good luck!

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