ADELE CLEANING Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Adele Cleaning franchise is one of America’s biggest players in the domestic housekeeping sector. Since Adele’s inception in 1994, the company has focused its energies on providing cleaning services through the deployment of specialized and eco-friendly processes.

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Adele Cleaning franchise achieves this feat by using effective cleaning products, which are not only developed from within her ranks, but also draw from the experiences garnered based on executing the most challenging of clean-up engagements.

Adele’s Cleaning Mission Statement

Adele Cleaning undertakes to provide unrivaled housekeeping services, with large doses of reliability from her members of staff in discharging their duties and at a price that is both competitive and affordable.

Range of Services Offered

Adele Cleaning Services prides itself on being able to interpret the needs and demands of the customer; and to apply the experience and expertise to offer tailored and general cleaning services in homes and residences. A home/residence cleaned by Adele, stays clean and bright for longer.

The range of Services offered by Adele Cleaning franchise includes:

1. Bespoke Residential House Cleaning

You can entrust the cleaning of your home to Adele and go to bed; knowing that when you awake, you will meet a home that is spic and span; arising from a service delivery that pays close attention to your every instruction and to every detail in your home.

Under this bespoke Cleaning service, Adele staff will handle every room, hall, space in your home with the utmost care and professionalism. You decide the frequency of our visits (either once or twice a week) and the scope of our reach in your home.

The breakdown of the services that you can receive under the Bespoke include Dusting furniture, pictures, knick-knacks, moldings, door and window frames, baseboards, blinds and lights; getting rid of fingerprints, vacuuming armchairs and cushions, removing accumulated dust from air vents as well as scrubbing floors.

2. Heavy Duty House Cleaning

Adele cleaning services understands how cumbersome and difficult it will be for you to return to your home after a long holiday or work related absence, to begin to clean up. That is why Adele’s Heavy duty House cleaning takes care of the most daunting of those chores, so that you can pay attention to other aspects of your life.

This service will help you ensure that major upholstery and furniture like your carpets/rugs, walls/ceilings, stairs/floors, windows/blinds and any other custom need you might have, are given the cleaning and attention these items require, in order to restore the shine/luster to your prized furniture and fittings.

The Adele Cleaning Franchise

Adele Cleaning Franchise seeks to recruit self-driven individuals with a solid work ethic and a hunger for utilizing opportunity.

Adele believes that for you to succeed as a franchisee, you must be able to select a Franchisor that possesses the expertise, skills, experience, strategic positioning, reputation and the brand strength to offer you a profitable return on your investment.

Adele Cleaning Franchise offers you these thresholds and even more. Specifically, by signing up to be a franchisee with Adele Cleaning, you will have access to the following:

a. A strong brand name and logo that will help you launch your business quickly
b. A business model that is capable of generating profits
c. A comprehensive training so that you are well equipped in handling all aspects of your franchise.
d. Regular and consistent monitoring and support so that you are better prepared to handle unforeseen circumstances along your franchise journey.
e. Access to a strong and viable marketing structure that will attract the right clientele for your business.

How much does it cost to Acquire an Adele Cleaning Franchise?

Adele Cleaning offers you three franchise options; they are the Unit Franchise, Heavy Duty Home cleaning franchise as well as Master Franchise. The cost of acquiring the franchise license is put at 17,555 USD.

Other costs like washing accessories and cleaning products will see your total investment come up to a minimum of 35,000 USD.

How can you Become a Franchisee with Adele Cleaning?

The first step you will take as a prospective franchisee is to fill out an enquiry/application form. You can do this by visiting You will be contacted by a representative from Adele Cleaning, who will furnish you with more information as regards your application.

How much can you make as an Adele Cleaning Franchisee?

The turnover that your franchise business will make depends on a number of factors. They include the location of your business, the size of your operations, and class of clientele amongst other considerations.

An important aspect for your profitability is your capacity to maintain the high standards of service that are the hallmark of any Adele Cleaning Franchise. This will ensure that you not only retain your existing customers but that you are also capable of attracting new prospects.

However, if you desire to receive estimates on profitability, you can request for more information from the company. Adele Cleaning may then make available to you a Franchise financial disclosure document for your consideration.

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