Do you have an accounting background and are interested in owning your own accounting business? You don’t have to sweat it figuring out how to achieve such an objective, as accounting franchises make many investment opportunities possible. They offer franchise candidates a chance to join their successful brands.

As expected, there are minimum requirements for joining such franchises. One of the most fundamental includes the financial provision consisting of the franchise fee and net worth, amongst others. We’re here to help you find an accounting franchise suitable to your investment needs.

Because there are many accounting franchises, we’ve selected some of the best. You only need to go through the list to identify your most preferred. This will require research on what the franchisor offers in terms of incentives and what it requires from you.

Some of the Best Accounting Franchises to Buy

The accounting franchise opportunities under focus include Ledgers, Padgett Business Services, CerTax Accounting, Busy Bookkeeping, and 4 Pillars Consulting Group Inc. More options include Payroll Vault, Property Management Inc., Liberty Tax, P3 Cost Analysts, and Succentrix Business Advisors.

You may also be interested in accounting brands like Liquid Capital, Daniel Ahart Tax Service, One Stop Tax Services Inc., RMH Business Solutions Inc., and Interface Financial Group. So, what are these about? Let’s find out.

i. Ledgers

This accounting franchise specializes in services like corporate income tax, basic bookkeeping, cash flow projects, etc. With Ledgers, you get full access to its business model and systems. What qualifications are needed to own this franchise? You can find out by simply contacting the franchisee.

ii. Padgett Business Services

Padgett Business Services is another excellent accounting franchise opportunity with service offerings that include advisory, payroll, compliance, accounting, and tax. Founded in 1965, this company began its franchising operations in 1975. It requires franchise candidates to meet its initial investment of $20k to $100k.

iii. CerTax Accounting

Also a respected name in accounting, CerTax Accounting offers an intelligent, tested, and proven way to become part of a trusted, sustainable, and successful franchise network. As its franchisee, you benefit from its in-class training, marketing, technical support, and ongoing training.

iv. Busy Bookkeeping

This accounting company offers services to small and medium businesses and accountants in public practice. It’s one of the world’s fastest-growing bookkeeping services you can join. However, you’ll need to be qualified to be considered for a franchising opportunity.

v. 4 Pillars Consulting Group Inc.

With investments of $50,000, you can join the 4 Pillars Consulting Group franchise. Its reputation for customer service excellence has helped build the company’s brand. By joining the franchise, you’re trained and offered the needed support to offer its comprehensive range of debt reduction services.

vi. Payroll Vault

This accounting franchise has a detailed and easy application guide for franchise candidates to follow. Benefits of joining the franchise include building new professional skills, satisfaction & fulfillment, community discovery & influence, and the chance to invest in your future, amongst others.

vii. Property Management Inc.

Property Management Inc is a rapidly growing franchise opportunity that offers complete accounting solutions across four pillars. These include residential, commercial, and short-term rental management. There’s much more about the company to be found by filling out and submitting its online form by scrolling down its franchise page.

viii. Liberty Tax

Part of the criteria for a Liberty Tax franchise opportunity includes meeting its financial requirements. These consist of a liquid capital of $50,000, a net worth of $100,000, a franchise fee of $40,000, and a total investment of $43,700 to $78,900. Benefits include world-class support, flexible ownership options, and proven leadership.

ix. P3 Cost Analysts

At P3 Cost Analysts, your $59,500 franchise investment offers a whole range of benefits, including hands-on startup training and access to its team of auditors. Franchisees also enjoy follow-up correspondence training, marketing assistance, database & materials reporting, and the chance to create a residual income stream.

x. Succentrix Business Advisors

Succentrix Business Advisors allows you to own your business advisory accounting and tax franchise. Backed by over five decades of experience, your chances for success are significantly improved. Benefits include secure communication systems, experienced support teams, professional business & marketing training, etc.

xi. Liquid Capital

This commercial financing and accounting franchise was founded in 1999 and started its franchising operations the same year. To join, franchise candidates must meet their initial investment of $214k to $254k. Aside from the financing options provided, you enjoy training and support.

xii. Daniel Ahart Tax Service

Daniel Ahart Tax Services is a reputable accounting brand that requires franchise candidates to meet its financial requirements. These include a net worth of $100,000, an investment of $26,300 to $44,600, and a franchise fee of $12,500. With 22 franchise units growing, this is the right time to leverage on opportunities presented.

xiii. One Stop Tax Services Inc.

This accounting company specializes in services like life & automobile insurance, credit courses, personal credit repair & building of business credit, and tax preparation advance loans of up to $6,000. Joining The One Stop Tax Services franchise requires an initial investment of $42k to $61k.

xiv. RMH Business Solutions Inc.

This company specializes in services like accounting, corporate tax returns, payroll, retirement planning, and business formation. You’ll need an investment of $41k to $71k to join. RMH Business Solutions franchisees enjoy multiple financing options and intensive training and support.

xv. Interface Financial Group

Interface Financial Group is an international accounting company in North America, Australia, Ireland, and the UK. With an initial investment of $87k to $138k, you can join the franchise and enjoy a range of incentives like its financing options and training & support.

xvi. First Class Accounts

First Class Accounts offers franchise opportunities for sale to qualified franchise candidates. With this opportunity, you get the chance to be your boss while also enjoying robust support from a trusted and established brand. Benefits include having a nationally recognized brand, low investments, and a clear commitment.

With the above franchise opportunities, your desire to own a thriving accounting franchise is only a click away. All you have to do is choose your preferred franchise and other research offerings and opportunities. You’ll do well to also contact the franchisors for further details.

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