16 Best Wedding Planner Franchises to Buy

Are you a wedding planner or interested in owning a wedding-related business? Franchising is one way to achieve your objective.

In other words, you’ll have to find or research wedding franchise opportunities. Luckily, we’ve helped out by providing information on some of the best wedding franchises to buy.

Several options have been included below to enable you to choose your preferred franchise brand. Of course, you’ll need to conduct further research to determine whether or not an opportunity is worth the investment.

All you have to do is click on your preferred franchise to be redirected to the franchise site.

These Wedding Franchises are among the Best to buy

When it comes to wedding franchises, many offer a whole range of opportunities. Prospective franchisees will have to determine which of these serves their needs most.

Good examples of these wedding franchises include Mag-nificent and One Hour Parties.

More wedding franchises include Complete Weddings + Events, Tap Snap, EventPrep, Crystal Rose, Premier Weddings, and Balloon Kings.

More options include Magic Day Luxury Experiences, A Day to Cherish, The Perfect Wedding Guide, TapSnap, and HeartZtrings.

You also have options like Fabulous Frocks, We Tie The Knots, Sweet Beginnings, Magic Day Luxury Experiences, Plan Ahead Events, and Winnie Couture.

Let’s proceed to discuss each of these franchise opportunities.

i. Mag-nificent

With Mag-nificent, you get the opportunity to become your boss. Beautiful photos are an integral part of weddings, and this franchise specializes in that.

As its franchisee, you’ll cater to all events and clients, including weddings, corporations, families, non-profits, schools, etc.

ii. One-Hour Parties

This party and event planning business was founded in 2001. It began franchising seven years later, in 2008.

To invest in this opportunity, you’ll need an initial investment of $45k to $71k. Franchisees enjoy all kinds of benefits like in-house financing, marketing support, and training.

iii. Complete Weddings + Events

One of the requirements for owning this franchise opportunity includes meeting the minimum initial investment range of $56k to $71k. Complete Weddings + Events offers photo booths, lighting, photography, videography, and coordination services.

iv. TapSnap

TapSnap is a low-cost, high-return investment opportunity to consider. A whole range of equipment and accessories is provided for franchises to use.

Such include photo booths such as its proprietary Tapsnap 42,” Tapsnap Studio, mobile photo studio, green skin, lights, sharing station, and a whole range of others.

v. Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom allows you to open your event venue. Joining its franchise program affords you various benefits, including its proven and tested business model.

To know more about the company, you only need to make necessary inquiries by reaching out to it.

vi. Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is another franchise brand that specializes in weddings and events hosting. The company was founded in 1987 and only began franchising in 2008.

To own this franchise, investors must have a minimum initial investment of $50k to $200k, amongst other requirements.

vii. Premier Weddings

This wedding magazine company began operation in 2016 and started franchising a year later.

This is an ideal wedding franchise opportunity for persons seeking low-cost investment options. Franchisees must have an initial investment of $3k to $21k.

viii. Balloon Kings

Balloon Kings might be the right option if you’ve found none of the franchises above attractive. The process of ownership isn’t complicated.

The steps include filling out its inquiry form, speaking with a franchise rep, filling out a franchise application, being interviewed, attending its discovery day event, and signing an agreement.

ix. Magic Day Luxury Experiences

This wedding franchise is interested in partners who are passionate about their work, understand that customers come first, and have ambition and a strong desire to succeed.

As its franchisee, you get a wide range of benefits, including associating with a strong brand, access to marketing materials, training, formalized processes, etc.

x. A Day to Cherish

A day to Cherish is a wedding company that specializes in not only weddings but also special-occasion videos. The initial investment needed to start is around $33k to $39k.

Franchisees are offered on-the-job training, classroom training, marketing, and ongoing support.

xi. The Event Factory

This wedding business offers all kinds of wedding venues ranging from swan ballrooms, castle ballrooms, and other themed event settings.

If this sounds like something you’d like to join, you only need to establish contact to find details on what’s involved.

xii. HeartZtrings

HeartZtrings is a wedding and events business that serves the need of persons in love with home-based business opportunities.

Franchisees get various benefits, such as low startup costs, lead generation, guidance & training, dedicated support staff, designated territories, etc.

xiii. Fabulous Frocks

This bridal consignment store business was founded in 2008 and started franchising four years later.

Prospective franchisees will need an initial investment of $50k to $145k. The company offers its franchisees all kinds of support, including training and marketing.

xiv. We Tie The Knots

We Tie the Knots specializes in weddings and event planning. It offers franchising opportunities to interested investors who must meet its minimum investment amount of $19k to $24k.

The company was founded in 2011 and started franchising in 2014. Since then, it has grown its brand reputation.

xv. Plan Ahead Events

Plan Ahead Events allows you to join its reputable brand through its franchise offering. It seeks investors with creativity, drive, and ambition willing to become bosses.

All necessary support is offered to its partners to help them succeed with their franchise operation.

xvi. Winnie Couture

This wedding franchise deals in all things bridal fashion, business, weddings, etc.

It allows you as an investor to do what you love while using a proven business model and being a member of a world-renowned bridal fashion brand.

To start, you only need to fill out its online questionnaire.

Has this article been helpful? We’ve focused on some of the best wedding franchises to join. There are details about each you’ll have to find out yourself.

Now that you know these franchise opportunities, you can make informed decisions by conducting further research.