14 Great Bagel Shop Franchises for Food Enthusiasts

Investing in a bagel franchise the right way requires much work.

This includes researching the best options as you’re currently doing, knowing their availability and spread, and the potential for profits and growth.

You’re probably reading this because you’re seeking information on bagel franchises.

If so, you’ll find some of the best bagel franchises to buy in this article. Here, the objective is to assist in starting your journey as a bagel franchise owner.

You’ll need to read through for all the juicy details.

Choosing the Right Bagel Franchise to Buy

Like all franchise types, choosing the right bagel franchise will require knowing what to look for.

As expected, there are tons of bagel franchises, but not all will offer the same opportunities. While some provide many prospects, others aren’t as economically attractive to investors.

Valuable tips for applying in choosing a bagel franchise include consideration of financial situation or preparedness, franchise coverage, and franchise term.

More tips include the level of support, the type offered, and the time commitment involved in running or operating one.

Best Bagel Franchise Opportunities for Sale

Having given a brief introduction about the topic being discussed, we focus on identifying what these franchises are in addition to concise information on each.

Some of the best bagel franchises to buy include Davidovich Bakery NYC, Manhattan Bagel, and Einstein Bros. Bagels.

More bagel franchises include Big Apple Bagels, Dunkin Doughnuts, Shmagel’s, Brooklyn Water Bagel, Between Rounds, and the Great American Bagel Bakery.

There are others like H&H Bagels, UCBC Bagels, Manhattan Bagels, New York Bagel Café & Deli, and NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop.

  • Davidovich Bakery NYC

This is one of the best bagel franchise opportunities you’ll need to consider for investment.

With an investment requirement starting from $118,500, you can invest in a trusted bakery brand. As its franchisee, you can offer various products, including baked goods and beverages, gourmet spreads, salmon, etc.

  • Manhattan Bagel

Manhattan Bagel doesn’t only offer you the opportunity to be part of a successful restaurant brand and prepare its array of authentic foods that have drawn a lot of customer attention to it.

As a prospective franchisee, you’ll need an initial investment of at least $521,300.

This is one of the bagel franchises with a widespread presence in 27 states and counting. Einstein Bros. has around 300 outlets scattered across 27 states.

Other menu items include assorted desserts, specialty coffee, and custom sandwiches. You’ll need to visit its site for more comprehensive details on joining.

With a franchise fee of $25,000, Big Apple Bagels is easily among the best bagel franchises to buy due to several reasons.

Some of these reasons include its variety of specialty sandwiches & salads, comprehensive support, training offered, and the potential for business growth.

This company has a massive franchise operation that started in 1955, 5 years after it was founded.

Since its launch, Dunkin Doughnuts has expanded with about 12,538 outlets and is still growing. This is a clear testament to its acceptance amongst franchisees and customers.

This bagel franchise prides itself on the efficiency of its business model, which investors benefit from.

While being a local success, the franchise is poised to take on the larger market by competing favorably with more prominent brands.

For Smagel’s, the success of its franchisees is a priority hence its comprehensive support.

Like other bagel franchises mentioned, owning a Brooklyn Water Bagel franchise isn’t complicated.

It involves specific processes like applying, reviewing the franchise disclosure document (FDD), attending the company’s discovery day, meeting the approval committee, and award of the franchise.

Are you interested in joining a franchise with proven excellence in financial performance? Every investor would! Between Rounds gives all of that and more.

Buying this bagel franchise will require meeting the company’s initial investment sum of $124,500, amongst other requirements.

  • Great American Bagel Bakery

The Great American Bagel Bakery offers investors the opportunity to own a part of its business. For this to be possible, an investment sum of around $200 to $300k is required.

The company has over 52 units and seeks to spread to more locations. You can take advantage of that to own part of a thriving business.

Another reputable bagel franchise you can invest in is H&H bagels.

It operates a fast-casual- breakfast/lunch restaurant service. It’s a business with a small footprint yet a profitable operation with a proven business model.

H&H Bagels franchisees get to enjoy continual support for a seamless process.

  • UCBC Bagels

As a UCBC Bagels franchisee, you sell various products, including beverages, bagels, muffins, salads, and sandwiches.

New franchisees must meet the franchisor’s initial investment of around $183k to $434k. Since franchising in 2017, the company has expanded to more locations.

  • Manhattan Bagel

Also among the best franchises to buy in Manhattan Bagel.

To own its franchise, you need at least $225K in liquid capital and a net worth of $450k. As its franchisee, you get to use its reputable brand, name, marks & systems, comprehensive training, and all kinds of ongoing support.

  • New York Bagel Café & Deli

This bagel franchise’s simplicity, control, and support make it easy for investors.

Franchisees have also been drawn by location flexibility, great menu, proven operational & management systems, and low investments.

Consider researching more on this franchise to see if it’s worth investing in.

  • NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop

Bagel franchisees are often drawn by business models requiring low investment, location flexibility, and ease of execution. This franchise has all of these and more.

Like other franchises included, the application process isn’t complicated.

With a clearer idea of what bagel franchises to buy, your investments are more likely to succeed than fail.

Which do you prefer? You have lots of good options to pick from, which is a good thing. However, you’ll need to do the required work by conducting further research and comparing these franchise opportunities.

Also necessary is to contact these franchise owners for further discussion on the business’s operations. Doing that gives you a more comprehensive idea of what they’re about.

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